Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Let me tell you a little bit about why I started this blog and about living a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve never been a terrible terrible eater, but I wasn’t exactly a health nut either. I somehow got by my first 35 years being slim and eating what I wanted. I worked out on occasion, never really stuck to it as part of my lifestyle. Then I had my second child and turned 35…oh boy! The pounds seemed to drop A LOT slower than after the first pregnancy. I started going to the gym right at 6 weeks post-partum, but it was still a lot slower and I didn’t go after my first pregnancy. I now go to the gym about 5-6 days a week and work on two muscle groups a day combined with 30 minutes of cardio. My husband goes with me every day, unless he’s out of town for work, and I work out with a friend and neighbor. They are my key and motivation to going as much as I do. If one of them can’t make it, the other is there to motivate me. If neither can go, I get lazy and stay home with my baby boy. Those are my rest days.

My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier here and there for a couple of years now, but we are foodies so it was hard. A few months ago we decided to really make a lifestyle change, not go on a diet, but make healthy meals as part of our daily life. But it was important to us that our meals tasted good. I’m Hispanic so my food has to have flavor. Now, we do eat out quite a bit. My husband and I both work from home so I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day during the work week. So when Friday evening rolls around, I’m done with the kitchen. As much as I love to cook, I also need a break from it…for the entire weekend. But at home, it’s all about eating healthy. So what do we do when we eat out? We make healthy choices with a lean protein (steak, fish, chicken, etc) and steamed veggies. Then we allow ourselves a cheat meal and we have either Indian food, sushi, burgers or anything we may be craving.

Some of the changes we’ve made include eating organic, non-GMO foods, as well as grass fed meats and range free chicken and eggs. Also, I use several coconut products and natural foods that replace flour, sugar, oil and butter. I will talk more about all these changes throughout the blog.

People tend to go on diets for a certain amount of time, maybe see results, and then go back to their old eating habits and gain the weight back. This is why I don’t like to diet, when you diet you focus on what you can’t have because you are eating things that don’t satisfy your taste buds. Eating healthy as a lifestyle is easier than you think and you stay slim for life. Just like we maintain our home by keeping it clean or keep our cars running by changing the oil, we need to do the same with our bodies, it’s the only one we have, let’s take care of it.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do hope that you get inspired by my recipes and slowly start incorporating delicious healthy meals as part of a new healthy lifestyle.



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